My name is Marijane, but I usually go by MJ. I’m mainly a photographer, but I’ve started to dip my toes into writing and graphic design, too. I learned the fundamentals of photography with a 35mm Minolta and my high school’s darkroom. These days, my favorite subjects are adventure travel, the outdoors, and wildlife.

With a conservation science background, I seek out any opportunity to help protect our planet. I am passionate about wildlife conservation, climate change adaptation, and sustainability. Part of my daily challenge is practicing ethical lifestyle choices and creatively maintaining a vegetarian diet.

As a lovable dirtbag, I often sleep in a tent and wake up for sunrise. I am an adventure enthusiast, and a big proponent of outdoor education and recreation. By showing people the wonders of the outdoors, either through firsthand experience or a collection of meaningful photographs, we can strengthen our human connection to the natural world. And day by day, our relationship will get better.


I’ve spent the last few years wandering around the world, from Mongolia’s rolling hills to to Sri Lanka’s tasty tea fields. I’ve had my hand at some extreme experiences, like motorbiking through the northernmost mountains of Vietnam, or skydiving above the mountains in my home state of New York. For an account of these crazy stories, check out the blog I created with my magnificent friend Kimberly at www.girlswhoexplore.com.

Last but not least: my favorite color is dark green, and my favorite season in autumn. I have two dogs, both of them are adorable old rescues. I love drinking tea in the morning, and my guilty pleasure is a bowl of cereal - at any time of the day. I swear I’m photosynthetic, the sunshine makes me feel invincible. I’m currently a PADI Rescue Diver, and have tentative plans to pursue my Divemaster. Right now I live in Australia, but who knows where I’ll land next.




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